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    I am an elite CP disciplinarian, behaviour reformer and spanking life coach. My name is Mistress Olga and I live in Hungary. I have been a CP practitioner and reformer of behaviour, using various techniques for 10 years. I have a very strong arm. I should probably mention that prior to this half hour hand spanking, I provide a 15 minute warm up - which should give you some idea that when I say hand spanking, I don't necessarily mean a light patting. Moreover, as you can I am sure imagine, should you be brave enough to request the feel of one of my implements, then your backside is certainly going to be paying for your misdeeds.

    I am in Twitter too:

    I spank for pleasure, and because I believe men need it.

    Whichever you do, please remember that first impressions are very important. Ensure that you are respectful and show good manners. I like intelligent people with a sense of humour, who are honest, fun to.

    I occupy myself this way because I genuinely believe some men and woman need hot bottoms, however I am aware not everyone wants a long session, and am considering offering shorter sessions of 30 minutes. Please ask me about this when you maili if you think this suits you better.

    I speak hungarian, italian and russian, and little English.

    Let op: Ga nooit in op het maken van vooruitbetalingen zonder dat u de persoon in kwestie eerst heeft gezien! De kans dat u uw geld terugkrijgt bij oplichting is nihil.

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